Chocolate and Chiles goes live from Sri Ram Ashram!

It is quite appropriate that I am from Sri Ram Ashram in India for my first post for a few reasons.

A) I come here a lot so its best to start you out with total immersion into the life and times here at Familia Sri Ram.

B) There are going to be a lot of postings about the travels I attempt to go on semi-regularly.

C) This blog is going to be a lot about food, which at the moment I am not eating very much of because I have a little Indian bug I am none the less documenting with zeal.

The end of 2010 was a complete blur, starting with a trip to Phoenix with the Boyfriend who very luckily got stranded in Phoenix due to the winter storms in New York. Hiking and eating, eating and hiking. That basically sums up that trip.  Then onto the tail end of the New Years retreat at Mount Madonna Center where the Lifting Dreams film premiered to packed house and standing ovations. Also while at MMC took an amazing hike on…what’s the name….Gamecock Trail (lord knows how I forgot that one!!)

Lifting Dreams dvd table

Everything is so wet there in that Northern Californian forest that moss grows on everything and the rocks, trees, and plants literally look like they are going to uproot from there perches and walk around like it ain’t no thang. I have a few pictures but of course they are on my phone which is not getting service at this time. 🙂 Will have to post later. All I know what there was a moment when I literally scared myself into thinking that a tree what going to start walking towards me like an Ent from Lord of the Rings. I swear I was not eating any of the blood red mushrooms I was finding along the trail.

Anyway, after a 36 hour turn around in New York where I caught a cold and the Boyfriend and I ate the most amazing meal at Dumont a few blocks from my house (the addiction to brussel sprouts continues and remind me that I really should try making lamb shanks when I am back and eating meat again) I boarded a plane for India. I am on my 2nd day here and aside from the lingering cold I am still fighting and this really fun little stomach thing, everything is amazing and just how I left it in May. Well, not JUST how I left it. The kids are getting bigger as usually although I can’t believe how small they are compared to us gigantic westerners. Crossfit is still king here and there are 2 or 3 classes run daily for different age groups. And it is not without irony that I acknowledge that it is TRULY cold here – not New York cold, but definitely cold. The buildings aren’t heated so there’s really no way to escape it ever. I am not quite ready to admit this yet, but I am almost glad that we shot the movie in May ski. Maybe I am just having amnesia of how deathly hot it was, but I am in four layers of clothing right now and STILL freezing.

Girls learning harmonium
Kids with the music teacher

Thursdays are my favorite day of eating at the ashram. The breakfast, subjee and roti, is the only one I will break my rule of “no curry for breakfast”. Its a soybean protein and potato curry served with fresh chapati and ghee (more on all of these things later). And then at lunch there’s kadhi, which are chickpea flour dumplings in a curry yogurt sauce. Sooooo yummy!! I ate a ton but the great part about this food is its so healthy and wholesomely prepared is that you can fill up and still feel great. Except of course when your stomach virus sets in after lunch time.

Anyway, planning on resting today in the hopes that tomorrow I will be able to keep up with the kids and the meals better. I did manage to supervise music and dance class today and have two kids fall asleep on me in the process. What can I say? I have the magic touch! Hoping tomorrow will bring warmer and more-well tidings. XO

PS. Any guesses on how long it took me to post this first blog? 25 minutes, and I had the whole thing written out before-hand. Ahhh, India.


5 thoughts on “Chocolate and Chiles goes live from Sri Ram Ashram!

  1. I NEVER READ BLOGS! Hahaha admitting shooting in the bloody heat was better than fingers freezing to the cameras!

  2. Yay! Great post. I can’t wait to hear more in detail about your time in India. That breakfast curry and kadhi both sounded amazing. Miss you!

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