Market in Shyampur

Shyampur market day was Sunday and oh my gosh how that little village has grown. I wish I had before and after pictures of it. Sadly I only have the after pictures so I will have to rely on my power of description to illuminate the differences. This is Shyampur today…


Shyampur Market

Took a 10 minute walk there down Shyampur Lane with Serena didi, Tami didi, Sunita and Ritu. There were vendors as far as the eye could see. I would say there were at least 15 vegetable vendors alone! And of course the veggies were my favorite part and took tons of photos. Its a shame that the food is so good at the ashram and I basically never need/want to cook, because all of this stuff looked super yummy. I did end up buying a few veggies for a treat for the kids, but that’s for later.


Making pakora
Orange Indian sugar sweet
Plastic and kitchen supplies vendor
Eggplants and beans

After inspecting all of the veggies and fruits and kitchen supplies and plastics, Serena didi and I bought fabric for new suits which we took to the tailor down on Shyampur Lane. Can’t wait to have new suits! Not like it will matter because I am so bundled up no one can tell anyway! But maybe if I come back again this year or if the sun starts to peek out here and there during this trip. And look who was waiting for me when I got back 🙂



After the market it was January Happy Birthdays!! Happy birthday to Daya, Kiran, Madhu, Anjula (Julie) and Ayushi!

Oh, and remember those veggies I was talking about. I bought 4 of the most beautiful eggplant I have ever seen in my life along with some mirchi (chile) and asked Seema didi to help make them into some yummy brinjal (eggplant)  pakora. We also made a salty cookie/cracker with caraway seeds. Recipe to come as I want Seema didi to show me  how to make them – this first round she just kind of did it. I am not complaining though, as they were totally delicious!! The pakora went so fast that I didn’t even get to take a picture! Will make sure I get one when we make them again for cooking instructions. Did not get to take pictures of the final cookie/crackers either because I had to run off to Haridwar (next post!). I know, big fail Natalie didi.


Cut eggplant and chile


Pakora bath
Fry baby fry!


Parama kneading cracker dough


Cutting the crackers
Ready for frying

In other news, Sunita mommy has to leave for a week to deal with a family emergency. And guess what that makes me? Natalie mommy to this one!!!


8 thoughts on “Market in Shyampur

  1. The market never looked so good! Love your photos of kids and food! Oh, and I never read blogs! Stay warm and well, thanks for helping out so vitally.

  2. Great pictures, honey! The market looks delicious. My cherry tomato plant just sprouted, so in a couple of weeks we should have a little market of our own 🙂

  3. Such wonderful photos, Natalie! You are so fortunate to have these experiences within such a special community.

  4. I vote you take awesome pictures of food and fruits at the market every day…such beautiful beans and bright red carrots!! Can we have Natalie teaches us how to make Indian food night once you get back? 😉

  5. As I cycled to work in the rain today smiling, I was thinking about how wonderful it felt to be connected with you and the kids through your beautiful blog (BB). The photos and your stories make me feel like I am there with you and I am grateful for your efforts to include us in your journey with so much love and caring. muchas muchas, xo MangoDidi

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