Juice Heads – Natalie’s Food Diary

Natalie ‘s Food Diary

As experienced by SameNatalieRose

Natalie Toasting

Monday, 5/2/11 – Prep

8A ½ oatmeal with PB, ½ plum, hard-boiled egg white, black tea
11A 1 mug of “La Verdure Cure” (see recipe below)
1:30P 1 can tuna on greens, lemon and olive oil, tomato soup, cantaloupe
2:45P Caffeine headache, green tea
3P tummy probs and 2 Tylenol
4:30P egg whites and an apple
8p broth
8:30p broth with greens, beans, and brown rice
Truth be told if this is how the whole weeks going to go I might need to opt out. I have an awful caffeine head that is causing my brain to feel like its had a rubber band wrapped around it one too any times. I have not been too hungry though. Not more than normal I would say. I think I am still recovering from my weekend of binging on beer and bagels that this austerity still feels good. Here’s hoping that feeling lasts, though I am not optimistic.

Chat between MontyKates and I:

me:  org ave just totally spammed me like, 6 times

KT:  ew

me:  one is interesting

will forward

Sent at 1:47 PM on Monday

KT:  sugar salt and processed foods?

but… sugar and salt are in everything

me:  yeah… it sucks… welcome to day one

– –

Tuesday, 5/3/11 – Prep

Sick – sore throat
8A ½ cup oatmeal with pb, 1 orange, hard-boiled egg white, green tea
10:30a green tea and plum, massive head ache
11:30a apple and MASSIVE HEADACHE, took 2 Tylenol, not going away
1:15p salad with lemon juice, egg whites, and tomato, broth, green tea
4p tomatoes and orange
7:30p black bean soup
8:30p cantaloupe. Its getting worse.
Today I woke up with a sore throat, stuffy head, and achy body. Oh yeah – and a massive caffeine head ache. My body is rejecting being healthy! Hips – I know you like butter and cheese and all manners of beer, but please cut me a break. This will be good for everyone involved.

Great. Now my hips aren’t talking to me. However, my skin is noticeably brighter.

– –

Wednesday, 5/4/11 – Day 1

Start the cleanse!
9A: Chlorophyll mixed with water, green tea
**That stuff is green green gasoline. Sheesh. Turned my teeth green!
10:15a OJ, surprisingly full
12p Young Love, not satisfying at all, slipped a piece of bacon
1:30p Lemonade, realize they gave me two of these and no No. 5

Chat between MontyKates and I:

me: dude, I am starving

starving is an overstatement I guess

KT:  I’m not starving, I would just REALLY REALLY REALLY like to eat an entire pizza

Sent at 1:37 PM on Wednesday

me:  right

or, like, an entire cow

or a brownie

or even just some edamame that’s in the next room with clients….a girl can dream

KT:  if she brings me edamame at snack time I am eating it

me:  listen to you

snack time

what are you, in pre school

KT:  hahaha, there’s always snack time at these client things!

me:  i know

3:30P skipped ahead to cucumber juice
6p spicy lemonade
8p egg white, broth, greens, ½ green lemonade

The only consolation that keeps me plugging through today is my skin looks AMAZING. Even though I am sick as a dog, my pours look fab, my skin looks really supple and moisturizer. It’s really what getting me through. Otherwise I feel like crap. I am sick – to start with – and feeling like juice cleansing is not a great idea right now. Need warmth and nourishment. At the end of the day I ate an egg white with broth because I started to get really woozy. If this is just day one not sure I can make it thru two more days.

– –

Thursday, 5/5/11 – Day 2

8a egg white, green tea
10a Chlorophyll mixed with water, grapefruit juice
11:30A the grossest of all three drinks I think, the Love Young – spinach and celery, but all you taste is celery. Want to vomit.
1P black bean soup – I feel SOOOO much better
1:15P Spicy Lemonade
3:30P Beet juice, meh. Veggie broth
5:30P ½ carrot juice – AMAZING!!!
6:30p ½ cucumber juice, disappointing after carrot juice
7:30p ½ carrot juice

So I just had some soup, black bean, and I feel like a new woman. Totally clear-headed and re-vitalized. I don’t know if this is a smart idea – drinking nothing but juice the whole day. And I am pretty bummed to learn that most of these juices have a TON of calories and sugar. I guess if you are only consuming juice all day you need the calories, but the sugar is totally toxic for me, being hypoglycemic. So I have resigned myself that this going to be a modified cleanse, both because of illness and my own bodies needs. Hey, the chick in the Organic Avenue store today said it all, “Listen to your body and do what you need to do to feel healthy”. Skin is still bangin’, but all I can think about are bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches with Tabasco.

Things that I have learned:
– putting a hard-boiled egg in the microwave will make it explode

– –

Friday, 5/6/11 – Day 3

8A Chlorophyll, protein drink
10A: Ginger lemonade – yummy
12P: Young love, am not going to miss this one, soup
1:30P: Master tonic
3:30P: Veggie Vide, broth, egg white
6P: Mellow love, worse than young love
8P: Cannot stomach the cucumber juice, opt for egg salad and greens on toast, I have never appreciated something so simple so much.

I am sitting here on the last official day of KT and my cleanse – eating egg salad – and I have never, ever been happier. So, so, so happy. Honestly I cannot remember what made me start this juice cleanse to begin with, but I can’t see myself doing it again soon. I am not sure I like the things it did to my body (lose weight rapidly and in weird areas – fingers – only to turn around and come back with what I am sure will be vengeance). And I certainly don’t like the things it’s done to my mind (all I think about is food, and not my usual every-day fair that I am very satisfied with – salads, light stir-frys and brown rice, soups – but bacon, butter, cheeseburgers, pizza, and greasy chinese). Basically, I used to have a balanced diet and this cleanse had turned me into a monster. Grrrrrr.

– –

The Verdure Cure, by Viana la Place

– 2 lbs greens – endive, mustards, dandelion, kale, collard, or a mix

– pinch of sea salt

– lemon juice

– water

Method: rinse greens well and chop roughly. Put in large pot and cover with spring water. Add pinch of salt, bring to boil and simmer until greens are very wilty and the broth is flavored – 20-30 minutes. Add lemon juice to taste to the broth and drink. Strain greens, drizzle with lemon juice and eat.


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  1. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (http://ninjiom-hk.cwahi.net/) may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it’s effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it’s still good to use on not so serious sore throat.

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